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Announcing Login Enterprise Release 4.5

April 16, 2021

The virtual user persona and finding a black hole in the universe of session-host farms.

Hey folks! The product team wanted you to know that we recently released Login Enterprise version 4.5.11 to general availability. The two new features being released are persona-based testing through application grouping and identifying problematic hosts in server farms.

Persona-based testing is key in understanding how any change will be felt by specific types of end-users as each type may use different applications and follow different workflows. Persona-based testing can be used for specific application tests like EPIC or Bloomberg, or entire workspace tests like a finance agent, a medical practitioner or even a retail associate.

Login Enterprise 4.5 now allows for application grouping, making it easy to create persona-based tests that can be used for application smoke tests, scalability benchmarking tests and even operations monitoring. Adding applications to test with Login Enterprise is quick and easy using our new Login Enterprise Application Onboarding Utility which can be found on our Workload Templates page.

With all this innovation, Login VSI is enabling enterprises to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to test complete systems and get valuable results quickly. Imagine knowing the impact a new change will have on a specific user population, before any changes go live.

To support businesses who run large server-based compute (SBC) or session-host farms, Login Enterprise now offers operations and support teams a way for a single test to highlight servers in the farm that are not delivering the same level of service, despite the fact that monitoring systems show all resources as healthy—sometimes called “black hole” servers.

Quickly identifying these bad actors decreases time to resolution and provides customers a proactive way to single them out before they cause a poor or non-productive end-user experience.

If you’d like to take a peek at the release notes you can find them here. Until next time…stay healthy and take care.

Login Enterprise Release

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