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Explore our Latest Release: Login Enterprise 5.5

October 26, 2023

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the performance of enterprise applications and systems is paramount. The recent release of Login Enterprise 5.5 brings many innovative features and improvements that continue to empower organizations to maintain and optimize their virtual desktop infrastructure. Let’s delve into the latest additions, enhancements, and fixes this new Login Enterprise has to offer:

What’s New?

Custom Session Metrics with WMI

One of the standout features of Login Enterprise 5.5 is the ability to add custom session metrics using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) via the public API. These metrics are displayed in the Load Test and Continuous Test results pages within the Login Enterprise WebUI. This enhancement gives users more flexibility, tailoring their session metrics to their needs. For example, metrics available from the desktop agents for VMware Horizon and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provide deeper insight into user experience, like protocol metrics and graphics performance, which can only be gathered using WMI.

Whether querying multiple results, choosing from various data types, or managing different instances, WMI enables detailed and customized insights into system performance.

Support for Non-Default Browser Profiles

Login Enterprise 5.5 now supports running web browser scripts with non-default browser profile paths. This feature is handy for organizations with specific and corporate-driven browser configurations.

Changes and Improvements

Streamline Troubleshooting and Analysis with Enhanced Continuous Test Chart

Login Enterprise 5.5 improves the Continuous Test chart (hour view) by displaying raw data and session details when hovering over a data point for session metrics results. This consistency across metrics results makes troubleshooting and data analysis more straightforward.

Manage lengthy command lines seamlessly with Extended Command Line Field

The command line field for the Custom Connector and VMware Horizon Connector has been extended to display the full text. This improvement ensures that users can easily view and manage lengthy command lines without constraints.

More precise Navigation and Timestamps for Test Events

The navigation bar, when collapsed, now contains the word “Results” in the hover tooltip of all result pages, providing better clarity for users when navigating through the interface. A timestamp has been added to the Load Tests and Application Tests events as an additional column, providing more accurate event tracking and troubleshooting capabilities.

Enhanced Session Metrics Visibility

The session metrics radio button is now always visible for Load tests, even when session metrics are disabled. This change promotes awareness of the feature and allows users to enable it when needed quickly. The session metrics chart for Load Tests now displays a warning message when the test is still in progress and results are being processed, preventing potential confusion among users.

Our 5.5 release includes various enhancements, and we encourage our customers to explore the release notes and our help center articles for a deeper understanding of our frequent updates.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers. Your feedback has been instrumental in our progress, and we’re delighted that you find value in the features you’ve recommended. We remain committed to supporting our existing and future customers, ensuring they benefit fully from Login Enterprise’s capabilities.

Don’t wait to maximize the value of Login Enterprise 5.5. Access the updated virtual appliance software on the Login Enterprise Download page.

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