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How IT Does More With Less and Justify Expansion

January 17, 2023

For organizations to win in today’s competitive space, the theme of doing more with less has shifted from an operational strategy to a business requirement.

Optimization, resilience, and agility are at the top of our customer conversations, mentioned in LinkedIn articles, and even something Satya Nadella, CEO and Chairman at Microsoft, spoke about at Microsoft’s Ignite event.

In a recent article, Nadella weighs in on optimization saying, “…for all the uncertainty we continue to see in the world, one thing is clear: Organizations in every industry are turning to digital capability to help them do more with less, so they can navigate this change and emerge much stronger”.

During market downturns and financial uncertainty, it is common for the C-suite to scrutinize and tighten IT budgets. However, now is a good time for business leaders to take a proactive budgeting approach.

There is a unique opportunity to zoom out and refocus their resources on the digital tools that will help them build a competitive business now and in the future.

So long are the days of unrestricted IT budgets.

A strong, forward-focused IT function is critical in driving initiatives like digital transformation and modernizing business processes.

The global pandemic altered how we live, socialize, work, and conduct business. In response to remote work environments, more robust security, and the rise of end-user experience monitoring, companies invested an unprecedented amount in IT Services.

Despite market conditions, businesses will continue to invest in IT; Gartner predicts enterprise IT spending will total $4.6 trillion in 2023. But, going into 2023, the C-suite looks at IT investments much differently; there is a push to refine how budgets are managed and eliminate what is no longer necessary.

In the early days of COVID-19, CEOs and finance leaders gave a green light on IT budgets; they said yes to whatever tool could keep their businesses operational.

Unfortunately, while the ad-hoc solutions deployed during this period kept organizations afloat, they may have acted more as a band-aid solution than a long-term strategy.

There is a high possibility that IT budgets across industries will be evaluated and reset to align with strategic objectives this year. Here is why:

  • It was nice while it lasted! – In this period of cost optimization, only the tools that provide the most robust business value and ROI will remain.
  • Remediation of EUC workspace strategies are underway– As a result, organizations will likely slash investment into any tool not aligned with long-term digital workspace strategies.
  • Rapid change of pace– Accelerated development in EUC has significantly impacted user experience, capacity, and costs.

The Reality of Budget Optimization for IT Teams

In the virtual EUC space, budget optimization often means that projects that are perceived as nice-to-have but not critical will get shelved or delayed into the following year.

In the interim, many teams are tasked with extending the life of existing infrastructure to delay buying new hardware and, in hopes, their current resources hold them over until they can migrate to the cloud.

IT functions are being stretched and asked to do more with fewer resources in many organizations.

As organizations work to understand implications of these decisions like how much runway they have today, whether they have enough cloud capacity, and if their budget is allocated appropriately, one question remains: how do you truly do more with less?

Guarantee Performance and Predict Needs

The change in the EUC space is nonstop. Resource demand increases with each major build or change, impacting operational capacity and reducing available service runway. Login Enterprise delivers 360° proactive visibility into your virtual desktops and apps’ performance, cost, and capacity. It helps you stay ahead of the demand curve by guaranteeing you can service the business while keeping the lights on.

Here’s how you or your customers can maximize the power of Login Enterprise:

Assess where you are today and plan your next move: 

  • Understand your current runway and remaining capacity.
  • Define disaster recovery and business continuity space capacity.
  • Choose cloud instances to optimize costs and protect the user experience.
  • Hardware and vendors to find the proper infrastructure for your workloads.

Build and establish baselines to gain insight to:

  • Define your Day 2 run capacity.
  • Outline infrastructure operational standards on-premises.
  • Pinpoint the optimal cost versus performance for single-user VDI instances on-premises and in-cloud.
  • Identify the sweet spot of cost versus performance for user-to-host ratios in multi-user deployments on-premises and in-cloud.

Monitor and anticipate failure:

  • Hunt for failure in your virtual desktop and applications.
  • Continuously login from different locations across your real estate, data centers, or globally.
  • Use synthetic users to create advanced tests that target dc’s, clouds, pools, hosts, and clusters on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Compare your Baselines Capabilities against your Production Workloads to determine your remaining capacity.
  • Monitor growth and contractions of usage versus your baseline.

Transform with less risk and adapt:

  • Change is coming. Measure the impact, quantify it, and reset your operational capabilities to ensure a high-quality user experience.
  • Create a body of evidence to justify capacity expansion and support budget approval.
  • Reduce the risk of migrating to new infrastructure or cloud instances using an evidence-based approach to costs, capacity, and user experience.

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