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How to Manage Your DaaS and AVD Costs in 2023

January 3, 2023

In 2023 businesses with low visibility into their DaaS and AVD costs are likely to encounter some very expensive lessons.

Nearly three years after COVID-19 turned the world on its side, most businesses have settled into the fact that workspaces have permanently changed.

Even though an unprecedented amount of workers remain in remote environments, recent research indicates that nearly 60% of businesses need a cohesive Digital Workplace strategy.

Knowing the Real Cost of the Cloud

While companies often look to migrate to the cloud for its limitless scalability, one piece is often missed: long-term cost and resource planning. 

The once straightforward cost model for on-premise workload has grown increasingly complex. Today’s budget has shifted from CapEx to an item of operational expenditure. For most companies, any change to your virtual environments is charged to you immediately, sometimes minute-by-minute. If you are not watchful, unlimited scalability can quickly multiply into uncapped costs.

To kick off the New Year, our Senior Director of Sales Engineering, Brian Martynowicz connected with VM blog to share top insights regarding virtual workspaces and the cost to maintain them in 2023.

Here is what you need to know about the cost of AVD and DaaS in 2023:

1- Shoehorn Solutions Will Drive Ballooning Costs

The age-old saying, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure,” will ring loud in 2023.

Did you know that research shows 70% of infrastructure and operations leaders will exceed their budget due to reactive planning? Cost can double when a virtual machine is just one performance tier above its requirement. 

Understanding how changes in your environment correlate with your DaaS cost is crucial for remaining within budget. Without this understanding, you will likely experience unpredictable expenses, inconsistent performance, and hits to business continuity.

In 2023, it is time to stop struggling to manage DaaS and AVD cloud costs and leverage performance insights to make wiser resource planning decisions. 

2- Focus on Optimization

Increasing or maintaining cloud capacity is only sometimes the best route to take. 

For example, some organizations, like Expedia, see cloud spending as an opportunity to reduce fixed costs. While others, like DropBox,  have moved their workloads back from the cloud entirely to capture cost savings, $100B to be exact. 

The answer to your cost management issue is simple: ongoing measurement and setting benchmarks for performance.

In 2023, businesses need to actively monitor how changes will impact their needs to avoid being blindsided by growing costs. 

3- Performance Insights Will Drive Budgeting Decisions

Greater visibility and improved cost prediction will stop the cloud’s silent price creep. 

To keep costs reasonable, you need continuous testing and plan revision when introducing change. In 2023, teams who successfully manage DaaS and AVD-related costs will use insights to:

  • Know the cost of moving to DaaS
  • Identify appropriate instances in AVD for their users 
  • Create predictability in user experience and cost

4- Login Enterprise is a Key Player in Cost Management

Login Enterprise enables organizations to set benchmark standards for performance and understand how their decisions impact costs.

Unlike any other solution, Login Enterprise enables teams to plan for changes in performance proactively. 

With this critical ability, IT leaders can accurately predict needs and adjust their allocation to ensure their environments remain at peak performance without worrying about unexpected costs. 

Learn more about how Login Enterprise can help you control your DaaS costs in 2023 by connecting with an expert today

You can read the full prediction article here

Lifecycle Optimization

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