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IGEL Disrupt: 5 Key Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss

April 25, 2023

The Disrupt 2023 event brought experts and thought leaders in the end-user computing space together to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Known as the biggest event of the year for the EUC community – the event was jammed packed with education, inspiration, and market-leading insights.

Fortunately, the Login VSI team was on hand to gather key takeaways and insights from the event. From the latest developments in VDI and DaaS to the impact of cloud technology on end-user computing, we have compiled a comprehensive overview of the most important topics we discovered at the event.

In this article, we’ll catch you up on everything we learned at IGEL’s Disrupt event and the key takeaways you may have missed.

Takeaway #1: Healthcare organizations: Is your budget keeping you from using the cloud?

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges when it comes to adopting new technology. One of the most significant obstacles is often budget constraints—as we know, most organizations, regardless of industry, are mystified by how to make cloud costs more predictable.

The cloud offers significant benefits to healthcare organizations, such as increased flexibility, scalability, and security. However, many organizations struggle to justify the expense of migrating to the cloud, even when the long-term benefits are clear.

If you’re a healthcare organization struggling to balance budget concerns with the need for modern technology solutions, see how this European hospital saved $1.3M in infrastructure costs.

Takeaway #2: There is much guessing, wishing, and hoping going on – and not enough concrete data to ensure optimal choices for the cost, performance, or capacity of VDI and DaaS. 

When it comes to VDI and DaaS solutions, there is often a lack of concrete data available to help IT admins and their teams make informed decisions. This can lead to much guessing and ambiguity when choosing the right solution or configuration for your organization’s needs.  

Without clear data on cost, performance, and capacity, delivering the best results for your end-users and meeting business demands is challenging.  

Eliminating guesswork and making data-backed decisions is the only way truly anticipate the performance or cost of virtualized workspace—not to mention extending the longevity of your infrastructure and systems.  

See how to eliminate guesswork and learn how to leverage data for wiser decision-making.  

Takeaway #3 – IT Admins struggle to be proactive as traditional monitoring tools give rear-view visibility—”always-on” tools are gaining steam.  

IT admins face numerous challenges in ensuring the smooth operation of their organization’s technology solutions. One of the most significant challenges is proactively identifying and addressing issues before they cause significant problems.  

We heard a lot about traditional monitoring tools failing to help decrease troubleshooting or ticket resolution as they provide rear-view visibility, leaving IT admins to react to problems rather than proactively addressing them.  

360° proactive, real-time insights are the only way IT admins can perform a full root cause analysis and address issues before they cause significant disruptions to the organization’s productivity and harm end-user experience.  

Use these quick tips to uplevel and maximize the performance of VDI and DaaS.  

Takeaway #4: Azure / AVD and cloud costs remain a mystery for most organizations. 

One of the organization’s most significant challenges when considering Azure / AVD and other cloud solutions is understanding the costs involved.  

We know how complex and opaque cloud costs can be. We talk to organizations daily who struggle to budget for these solutions effectively. While tools like cost calculators are often used as starting points, there offer nothing more than an approximation and are not certain enough to bet your budget on.  

Combining Login Enterprise with cloud cost calculators allows you to create a predictable road map and ensure you have the optimal costs, capacity, and user experience while users are working at scale. 

Reduce uncertainty around your cloud migration with clear, data-backed insights into optimizing your usage and costs.  

Takeaway #5: Customers are increasingly worried about the impacts of updates like adding OS, apps, security agents, etc., to their stack – How do we measure and monitor?  

With the increasing complexity of technology stacks, we heard many IT pros who are becoming more concerned about the impact of updates on their systems. Updates such as adding a new operating system, applications, or security agents can significantly impact system performance and stability.  

To ensure that your systems remain secure and reliable, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of how these updates impact your stack. This is why robust monitoring and measurement capabilities are critical to preventing system issues or performance degradation.  

See how this IT team prevented downtime and saved 7,000 users from feeling the impact of a Windows 10 migration.  

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