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Introducing Login Enterprise for Endpoints 

July 10, 2024

Ransomware is increasingly targeting physical endpoints such as desktops and laptops. With the rise in remote work through nearshoring and offshoring, delivering Windows updates promptly is crucial to protecting these devices across your environment.  

Desktop managers need a way to test and deploy patches rapidly without disrupting business. While keeping infrastructure secure is paramount, deploying various security tools and agents to tighten security can cause significant performance issues. As the rate of application changes and updates increases, resources are strained, and system risks rise.  

To help ensure IT teams are equipped with a best-in-class set of features and capabilities, we have introduced Login Enterprise for Endpoints. Let’s dive into the details and how this solution can help you regain control of your endpoint management.  

Traditional Methods Leave Gaps in Security and Efficiency 

The demand for robust endpoint management solutions has surged, and organizations must maintain security, performance, and user experience across various physical devices. Meanwhile, traditional methods fall short, leaving gaps in security and efficiency. 

The ever-increasing rate of application changes and updates strains resources and increases system risk. Many businesses deploy various security tools and agents to enhance security, which inadvertently causes significant performance issues.  

Login Enterprise for Endpoints helps reclaim performance and protects desktops and laptops from resource-draining agents, security tools, and constant updates, ensuring optimal performance.  

Here are some common scenarios that call for stronger endpoint management: 

Changing Business Demands: As businesses embrace digital transformation, the need for efficient and secure endpoint management becomes evident. Physical endpoints are often the first line of defense against cyber threats and the primary tools for productivity. 

Challenges Faced: Common issues in managing physical endpoints include maintaining security protocols, ensuring consistent performance, and providing a seamless user experience. Security tools and frequent updates can introduce performance bottlenecks, disrupting business operations. 

Current Solutions: Existing solutions often lack the automation and comprehensive monitoring needed to keep up with the rapid pace of updates and security threats. 

Why Login Enterprise for Endpoints? 

Login Enterprise helps organizations implement robust application validation and performance optimization strategies. While additionally maximizing the lifespan of their existing hardware, reducing downtime, and capturing cost savings. 

Embracing these practices ensures your Windows desktops and laptops do not get bogged down with agents and various security tools competing for resources.

Key Features and Benefits of Login Enterprise for Endpoints

Accelerate Windows Patching 

  • Validate application and image functionality post-Windows updates. 
  • Update faster through automated performance/regression testing. 
  • Track performance drift over time as updates accumulate. 

Measure Security Impact on Performance 

  • Measure the performance impact of security tools (e.g., EDR, DLP). 
  • Identify performance-draining tools and agents. 
  • Track performance drift over time as updates accumulate. 

Ensure Critical Application Performance 

  • Capture real-world application workflows for effective automated testing. 
  • Track performance drift over time through version changes. 
  • Validate performance before deployment. 
  • Monitor application performance from any site and generate SLA reports. 

Login Enterprise for Endpoints seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure, making it a versatile addition to any organization’s toolkit. It scales with your organization, adapting to growing business needs and ensuring consistent performance and security across all devices. 

Addressing Critical Needs in Physical Endpoint Management 

Validating and optimizing applications’ functionality and performance on physical desktops or laptops can accelerate patching and update delivery across the organization, resulting in faster, more secure workspaces. Login Enterprise provides a comprehensive approach to endpoint management by accelerating Windows patching, measuring the performance impact of security tools, and ensuring essential application performance.  

Ready to learn more? Request a demo today to enhance security, performance, and user experience. ​​ 

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