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Login Enterprise 4.2 Release

July 17, 2020

As we progress through the summer and our 2020 roadmap, I am pleased to announce the availability of Login Enterprise 4.2.

It was released last week. This new version has some key additions as well as a long list of enhancements and fixes.

First up, new deployments will be greeted with a brand-new introductory screen to guide them through deployment. With guidance on the architecture and components of Login Enterprise to creating your first continuous test, this new tour will help users jumpstart their use of the product and get it up and running faster than ever.

We have also added the ability to take screenshots of test steps as those steps execute rather than just on failure. With this capability, you can visually check on test execution at any step, in any state (Success, Failure).

The scheduling for Continuous Testing now allows scheduling a test to run every x minutes per launcher that has been configured for a particular environment. This makes it easy to ensure you are getting measurements in intervals from all participating launchers simply without a complex configuration and schedule.

Load testing in Login Enterprise now supports measuring of login time in addition to the existing application timers, rounding out overall end-user experience measurements to deliver a more accurate understanding of how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is performing for your users.

Login Enterprise has been updated to support Edge (83) and last, but certainly not least, Login Enterprise 4.2 delivers a new script editor to ease the creation of application tests.

As the current climate changes the way we work and the need to work from home, these features and the additional 40 enhancements and fixes released in Login Enterprise 4.2 deliver an Enterprise class end-user experience testing capability to ensure that your environment is running at its best for your most important assets, your users.

Login Enterprise Release

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