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Login Enterprise Release 4.11 is Now Available

February 21, 2023

This week we released a new update for Login Enterprise, which extends your capabilities for determining the capacity of VDI infrastructure and monitoring production for VDI workspaces.

Beyond these additions, we’ve also added more ease-of-use features and improved the performance of the virtual appliance.

We are excited to present two enhancements everyone has been waiting for.

First, look at a recent performance monitoring feature in our Continuous Testing.

To date, we can monitor the following:

  • Protocol latency for determining networking impacts on performance.
  • Login Performance to determine lags in getting production users into their digital workspaces.
  • Application Performance to check for availability or performance issues with the applications in our customers’ VDI workspaces.

With our 4.11 release, we added our EUX Score for Continuous testing; the EUX Score is a simple way to measure the responsiveness of the digital workspace in one easy-to-read, 1 to 10 scoring.

You may be asking why the EUX Score is essential for monitoring your production systems.

It’s a simple explanation. It eliminates guesswork and enables faster action— you can monitor 100 performance statistics and hope they show you a complete picture of the user experience, or you can watch how our virtual user’s experience on a product workspace varies throughout the day with one easy-to-read, reliable number.

Let’s take a look at the example below.

In this example, I monitor my AVD resource, a Desktop Workspace in a host pool with Dds v5 instances. I can expect my users to get a score of 7 almost all the time, and this is an SLA I like to adhere to. If the score is higher, I know my end-users have a good experience, but if it is lower, I expect things to get slower for them and potentially result in a help desk ticket.

As you can see in the graphic above, an emerging pattern is happening. We are witnessing user experience is impacted by something because the EUX Score is dropping to a 6.6.

While I am not concerned just yet, I am alert to this issue happening at various times throughout the day, which allows me to roll my sleeves up and figure out what’s happening.
Since I’m also monitoring the host’s active session count and CPU, I quickly see that I oversubscribed my session host by about 25%, causing the CPU to elevate to 100%, resulting in user lag. It was an easy fix since as I just dropped my active session count per session host to ensure this issue doesn’t happen again.To take it a step further, I would do more capacity testing on my session hosts because a recent software change is a reason for my elevated CPU utilization.

One thing to note about EUX Scoring for performance monitoring is that this feature is built into test reporting for continuous tests. Check back for more updates, as we will add it to the Login Enterprise live dashboard and SLA reports in an upcoming release.

Did you see that we have updated our EUX Score in 4.11?

It’s called our 2023 EUX Score. Since releasing our 2021 EUX Score preview a little over one year ago, we have received a ton of feedback and requests from our customers. Ultimately this has led us to refine our EUX mechanisms to be even more accurate and consistent, making our VSImax2 even more powerful. Our 2021 EUX Score Preview is still the default mechanism in 4.11, but if you’re interested in trying out our new 2023 EUX Score, let us know, and we can switch it on. The new EUX 2023 Score will be the default in our next release if you’d prefer to wait.

Other than our EUX Scoring for Continuous Testing and 2023 EUX Score, Login Enterprise 4.11 is packed with new features like improved search and filtering, new version notifications in the Web UI, performance improvements of the virtual appliance session launching, and built-in launcher and account groups.
Login VSI has a lot in store for you this year, so stay tuned!

We owe a big thanks to our wonderful customers. We make strides with their feedback and are so happy they see value in the features they’ve suggested. We look forward to continuing to support our customers and helping our future customers gain significant value from all that Login Enterprise has to offer.

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