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Login Enterprise Release 5.0 is Now Available

April 4, 2023

Are you ready to revolutionize your virtualized desktop and application environments? Then, we are happy to present Login Enterprise 5 – the highly anticipated release that will enable you to take control of your virtual desktop and applications unlike ever before.

Login Enterprise 5.0’s game-changing features take optimizing your environments to the next level; unlock the power of operational dashboards, experience support of custom connections with our universal web connector, and unlock more accurate determination of user experience with the latest version of our EUX Score, and more!

Let’s dive into some of the highlights of Login Enterprise 5.0:

Operations Dashboard

First, let’s focus on an entirely new cost and capacity facet of the Login Enterprise platform, the  Operational Cost Dashboard. Imagine this: you have a baseline for capacity and know how much it costs to support that number of users in your cloud deployment. You’ve been asked to update the desktop image for your users, which includes a significant change in security software.

After doing some capacity testing with the new image, you quickly realize that you will need extra instances for your host pool to support the same number of users. This will require an additional $12,400 per month for your cloud subscription.

How will you demonstrate this change to your leadership team to receive funding to keep your users productive and safe?

With Login Enterprise’s newest cost dashboard, the answer is easy—show different capacity testing, including when security software delivers the same user experience with the additional machine instances added. Then showcase the results of when you try to run the same solution with the new security software, and the user experience and capacity of the system both drop to insufficient levels.

Universal Web Connector

Over the last few years, we have supported new cloud connectors on our launchers with various clients and multi-factor authentication configurations.

These connectors have continuously improved, becoming faster and more capable with today’s cloud environments. Login Enterprise 5 connectors are now built into the virtual appliance. As a result, installations and support of the latest and greatest AVD, Citrix Cloud, and other cloud connection technologies are straightforward and painless to run on our launchers. We are excited to say that many customers are already benefiting from this new technology today.

2023 EUX Score

Over the last two years, we have used this new metric with various enterprise and vendor customers. It’s been great to see user experience simplified to a number between 1 and 10.

We analyzed countless amounts of data that the EUX timers are pulling in, and  found many innovative ways to make this score more accurate_ contributing to an even more reliable VSImax determination.

Where else can you do capacity planning as easy as this? Just point Login Enterprise at your VDI or DaaS solution and let it do the work in finding the best-case scenario for your user base. The platform also goes beyond this to optimize that solution for the best possible cost-to-performance ratio so your users and finance team are happy.

You will likely see some changes in your test results compared to the results when using EUX Score 2021. When interpreting EUX 2023 results compared to the previous version, keep in mind the following:.

  • Systems with certain software security products are expected to receive a higher score in EUX 2023. We found that the impact of several of these products on the EUX 2021 score was too high when comparing it to actual user-perceived performance.
  • Systems with poorly performing storage solutions are expected to receive a lower score. We found that EUX 2021 was too forgiving towards slow disk IO, resulting in higher scores than the real users’ perceived performance.
  • You should expect higher scores with higher-performance storage and a system that does not run many background services. Using EUX 2021, we found that scoring higher than a nine was almost impossible. We stretched out the upper band of the scoring system so that it is now possible, albeit still difficult, to score in the 9.5 range.
  • As CPU resource contention increases, the new score will drop faster. This reflects the fact that systems ‘feel’ slower in these situations.
  • Inconsistencies in the system’s performance will be detected more accurately now.

Wait, there’s more…

Aside from the changes listed above, with Login Enterprise 5.0, you’ll find a new Web API version that supports the operations dashboard, some minor updates to the Knowledge Worker, a lighter profile Task Worker, and lots more enhancements to our Application X-Ray utility that records ‘per-interaction’ scripts for any new application scripts you’d like to add.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… You want to keep an eye on the awesome developments happening here at Login VSI. We have a lot in store for you this year, so stay tuned!

We owe a big thanks to our wonderful customers. We make strides with their feedback and are so happy they see value in the features they have suggested. We look forward to continuing to support our customers and helping our future customers gain significant value from all that Login Enterprise offers.

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Existing customers may access the updated files on the page.

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