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Maximize the End-User Experience for all Digital Workspaces

September 2, 2021

There is a growing disconnect between what I&O teams monitor and what the business cares about

Act Before Performance Suffers – Identify Problems in Preproduction

As enterprises continue to evolve, the number of business-critical applications increases, and the environments they run in grow in complexity, resulting in a monitoring challenge. 68% of enterprises are using up to five monitoring tools for the digital workspace. Yet, the most common complaint is that applications do not launch properly or run slowly, resulting in a poor user experience.

Gartner said, “Testing is the new monitoring.”* Smart CIOs know that monitoring desktop and application performance in the enterprise without pre-testing is like playing Russian Roulette: it’s a matter of when, not if.
*Gartner, 2021 Strategic Roadmap for IT Operations Monitoring, October 2020

Give the Business What it Wants

There is a major disconnect between what infrastructure and operations (I&O) team monitor and what the business cares about – resolving performance problems before they impact the business.

To improve business outcomes and user experience, I&O leaders must evolve from reactive, component-based monitoring to a holistic, pro-active testing approach. Monitoring is reactive. Testing is proactive. Testing expands your safety net and catches failures before they affect production. Automated testing:

  • Goes beyond the question “is it working?” to “is the business running properly?”
  • Closes the gap between user experience and business objectives
  • Validates the uptime and effectiveness of your business-critical apps, 24/7

Shift Left

Reduce the handoff risk between DevOps and the Enterprise. With the rise of DevOps and CI/CD, the rate of change for enterprise applications has grown from one or two releases a year to a continuous, incremental stream of changes. If you’re an enterprise with thousands of desktops and the environment gets slow, it’s a different story. Suddenly the line between DevOps and production is moving. Make it move to support your needs. Shift both testing and risk to the left.

Where the Breakdown Occurs

There’s a breakdown between Dev and Ops, and it’s the handoff. Developers have plenty of tools and tests to harden their code to production levels. Operations managers also have tests, but with an added layer of worry: how do changes in one app interact with changes in all the other apps in the environment? Who or what manages the handoff?

It is essential to examine the intersection of Dev and Ops, the crossover point where Dev moves code to production and Ops integrates it into your environment – and pushes it to the desktop.

Full Stack Testing with Login Enterprise can help

A good user experience ensures positive business outcomes. Remember how Netflix worked four years ago? How about Salesforce? Probably not. Yet both demonstrate how their companies managed the evolution of their offerings in the cloud. They did it with a laser focus on user experience and full-stack testing.

By adding full-stack testing to your rollout and/or upgrade process, you can eliminate the disconnect between I&O teams and the business. Adding Login Enterprise testing to your approach will:

  • Manage the health of 1,000s of business-critical apps
  • Reduce the risk of ad-hoc, non-discretionary vendor changes to your tech stack
  • Continuously test application and infrastructure performance
  • Maintain control

Test with Login Enterprise

Maximize the end-user experience for all Digital Workspaces

Login Enterprise is an automated testing platform that predicts performance, ensures business continuity, and reduces risk. Login Enterprise tests the desktop and applications as a whole, from preproduction to production. An optimal end-user experience is a critical success factor for all SBC, VDI, and DaaS deployments.

Login Enterprise is the market leader in synthetic testing and offers a complete software solution to maximize and safeguard the performance, scalability, and availability of applications and virtual desktop environments, including the cloud. Login VSI is 100% vendor-independent and used in VMware Horizon, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), and Azure/Windows Virtual Desktop.

Login Enterprise maximizes the end-user experience for all digital workspaces, eliminating poor application performance and downtime.

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