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Hobson & Co. Study: Login Enterprise’s Impact on Performance and ROI

January 24, 2024

If you’re part of an IT department or end-user computing (EUC) team, you know the drill – making sure everything runs smoothly, whether it’s on your physical devices, on-premises servers, or up in the cloud. Checking how things perform, monitoring changes, and ensuring applications are up to speed is another day in the office.

In the fast-paced realm of IT and EUC, maintaining seamless operations across your environment is a daily challenge, and balancing between performance and expenses becomes even more pronounced in complex EUC environments.

So how can teams better control their deployments and make a more positive impact financially? Enter Login Enterprise, a solution that addresses the core challenges EUC teams face in optimizing performance and managing their environments effectively.

In partnership with Hobson & Company (H&C), Login VSI conducted research to delve into the challenges EUC leaders and teams encounter, shedding light on industry-leading strategies to overcome them (and capture tangible ROI, in the process).

The profound impact of Login Enterprise on EUC landscapes:

Juggling the complexities of EUC environments while balancing performance and cost can be tricky. Organizations may face user dissatisfaction, higher maintenance costs, and unreliable services without careful planning and ongoing optimization. As per the study’s respondents, three primary challenges in managing EUC environments were identified.

Performance and Availability:

Dealing with constant changes like patches, application updates, and OS upgrades can be a real headache. IT managers often need help to validate, diagnose, and roll out these changes effectively. Without a clear view, it’s like playing a guessing game with user logins or spending hours manually testing applications for functionality.

Costly Spend:

Understanding if your current setup is correct can be challenging without the right tools. Trying to maximize capacity without hurting performance or avoiding overprovisioning is crucial. Many companies face a blind spot when upgrading or moving to the cloud, not knowing the right balance.

Unplanned Downtime:

Despite having various monitoring tools, unexpected outages still happen. Detecting and stopping issues before they impact users or external stakeholders becomes critical to avoid productivity loss and protect stock prices and revenue.

Login Enterprise Value: 200%+ ROI in Year One!

In the study, H&C interviewed Login VSI customers, uncovering pivotal strategies employed by leading EUC teams to optimize their environments and achieve measurable ROI.

Performance & Availability:

Login Enterprise simplifies validating application and image changes, making change cycles faster.

The platform ensures applications run consistently after every change, and IT teams can automate checks without burdening staff. Teams using Login Enterprise captured a significant decrease in the time spent validating changes.

Login Enterprise’s production insights provide early warnings and simplify troubleshooting, reducing the time spent resolving issues, outages, and overall helpdesk tickets. “Login Enterprise alerts us as to what effect changes may have on the build in terms of user experience before the system degrades and everyone starts complaining about slow responses”, said one Citrix Infrastructure Engineer.

EUC teams using Login Enterprise can: 

  • Reduce time validating application and image changes.
  • Reduce time resolving issues and outages.
  • Reduce the number of help desk tickets.

Technology Budgets and Planning Efforts:

Login Enterprise helps optimize investments by identifying the proper hardware and cloud needs. It allows IT to assess and enhance performance, scalability, and user experience before deployment. This translates into a serious cost reduction for acquiring new technology or cloud instances and even more reduction by avoiding over-provisioning.

One team surveyed mentioned exploring the idea of improving an underlying system and utilizing Login Enterprise to evaluate user satisfaction. With Login Enterprise’s insights, they decided to delay the upgrade due to challenges replicating the existing user experience on the new OS. This data-driven decision prevented an extra expenditure of £1-2 million on hardware.

EUC teams using Login Enterprise can: 

  • Reduce costs of acquiring new technology or cloud instances.
  • Reduce expenses by evaluating current capacity and reducing overprovisioning.

Business Value:

Login Enterprise works seamlessly in pre-production and production, ensuring the best performance and higher availability. IT organizations manage day-to-day operations effectively by significantly reducing user downtime.

Several customers highlighted the distinctive feature of Login Enterprise in averting outages and performance disruptions. If not addressed promptly, such incidents can have a ripple effect and ultimately impact overall revenue. Login Enterprise customers avoid the impact downtime causes to various business facets, including customer service, stock prices, and employee satisfaction.

EUC teams using Login Enterprise can: 

  • Reduce user downtime by avoiding outages.
  • Reduce the risk of losing revenue.

Ready to Transform Your EUC Experience? Dive into the Full Study!

The insights from the partnership between Hobson & Company and Login VSI offer a glimpse into the challenges EUC teams face and the strategies industry leaders employ. If you’re eager to optimize your EUC environment, boost performance, and cut down on costs, the entire study is a must-read.

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