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The importance of testing your virtual desktops and applications

September 16, 2020

With VDI gaining popularity among many enterprises across multiple industries, and with growing numbers of desktops migrating to the cloud, the importance of testing your virtualized desktop environment has never been higher.

We recently we explained how:

  • End-user expectations for a great desktop experience from any device, at any time, are increasing
  • IT departments must rise to the challenge of delivering outstanding services
  • Requirements to reduce the complexity and costs associated with infrastructure

Performance testing is crucial. There are countless unique technology and service options to consider when undertaking a new (VDI) project. Factors such as capacity planning and load testing the environment are essential to moving confidently into production. Testing should always be performed at scale with synthetic users before real users are live and in production. The project and pilot phase due diligence will help ensure a smooth transition to production.

7 Best Practices to Avoid Performance Problems

  1. Review the relevant test reports, validated designs, and reference architectures that infrastructure vendors publish.
  2. Test all infrastructure options proposed by different vendors in your business environment.
  3. Analyze hosted desktop infrastructures sized on calculations and best practices before going to production.
  4. Test all intended infrastructure changes before implementation for possible performance impact.
  5. Test with the real production number of users. Subsets do not always reveal all potential problems.
  6. Test the entire infrastructure. Testing components or single servers will not reveal all problems.
  7. Test to validate SLAs of service providers.

For details, download the white paper.

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