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Education poses one of the most complicated IT challenges of any industry. IT teams must find a way to support virtual desktops across a range of locations and classrooms, ensure a consistent experience, and support a variety of applications while managing fluctuating student counts and seasonal demand—many times, this must be completed with limited staff and strict budgets.

Level the Academic Playing Field

Login VSI enhances educational IT departments with a single pane of glass that ensures applications and the virtual desktop infrastructure supporting them are optimized across performance, availability, and cost.

  • Unique domain expertise for all popular end-user computing technologies, including Citrix, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft AVD.
  • Enhanced support for Microsoft Office, Learning Management Systems, and other educational applications.
  • Industry standard benchmarks to make more informed technology investment decisions.
  • Insights to answer the biggest end-user problem of today: “why are things so slow.”

Saved by optimizing IT investments

Improvement in supported users during a refresh

Spotted performance issues in minutes versus hours

Acceleration in rollouts with automated change validation

Unparalleled Visibility and Insights

Login VSI provides a single pane of glass across performance, cost and capacity. Login Enterprise provides a modernized approach to tackling digital workspace challenges.

  • Receive proactive alerts before users experience issues.
  • Forecast run, CapEx and OpEx costs; reducing the risk of surprise cost over-runs.
  • Get analytical insights to right-size, optimize and plan your infrastructure.
  • Break the log jam and accelerate critical updates rollouts.
  • Identify risks before OS or application migrations.
  • Pinpoint and correct hard to resolve issues.

Tangible Business Benefits

With Login Enterprise, many manufacturing companies have consolidated their virtual estate monitoring into one solution to achieve better performance, cost and capacity.

Consistent Experiences
Increased ROI
Higher Reliability
Less Risk

Ensure enhanced user satisfaction and increased business productivity

Improve IT operational efficiency, and reduce technology and manpower costs

Optimize environments for the best capacity to performance

Build confidence that changes will not adversely impact performance and availability

Are you ready to maximize your virtual desktop and app performance, cost, and capacity?