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    Digital workspaces are impacted by changes daily, jeopardizing both the performance and availability of critical services. These changes can be planned, such as application updates for SAP or EPIC, Windows updates or “patch Tuesday” updates. They can also be unplanned, such as anti-virus updates. Using Login Enterprise to test these changes in pre-production as well as production, provides a way of understanding their impact, thus enabling the business to stay productive.

    • Testing changes in pre-production
    • Testing changes in production
    • Integrating with Your Process

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    Testing Changes in Pre-Production

    Most mature enterprises test desktop images and applications before rolling them out to production. During this phase, it is important to catch all issues related to the performance impacts and availability of these resources.

    The complex VDI technology stack changes rapidly, forcing development teams to test quickly and test often. Will the workspace and applications be as responsive after the update or will the new demand on compute and storage cause a change in how many users each server can host?

    Login Enterprise offers a quick way to test from the end-user perspective, all the way through the stack, for compatibility, responsiveness, and capacity, providing valuable information to address any issues discovered during the testing. With Login Enterprise both speed and quality of testing maximize the end-user experience.


    Testing Changes in Production

    Continuous feedback about the production end-user experience has largely been the role of the end-users themselves. This feedback can be subjective, as in “the application is running slow” or “it takes forever for my desktop to logon.”

    Troubleshooting these issues causes operations staff to go through the entire stack to try and discover the source of the problem as the user feedback offers no clue as to what changed, or if it was them that caused the change.

    Login Enterprise continuously tests the end-user experience, capturing detailed metrics about responsiveness and availability while providing a clear and actionable dashboard as well as generating alerts when the experience has changed negatively. When logons or application queries take longer than usual, or if protocol latency spikes, Login Enterprise will automatically alert you.


    Integrating with Your Process

    Mature enterprises commonly have their test and monitoring solutions automated and integrated into a larger ITSM framework. Being able to build an automated pre-production test environment requires the associated products to be extensible and easy to control.

    Login Enterprise offers an extensive REST Web API, allowing these enterprises to gather important test data as well as control Login Enterprise. Closing the loop in the DevOps process also requires that production feedback makes it into the change management system.

    The continuous testing data provided by Login Enterprise is also available via the API, giving enterprises a closed-loop DevOps view of the production system performance and availability.



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