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    Today, many IT organizations are embracing the concepts behind DevOps to become a facilitator of rapid change. The rate and volume of changes are increasing dramatically.

    In the past 30 years, IT organizations tried to control or even block changes to ‘their’ systems. However, fueled by the Windows 10 update cadence, the move to the cloud and more demanding ‘customers’ IT organizations realize that they need to rethink the way they manage the digital workspace. Existing processes and tools are becoming antiquated and simply cannot keep up.

    • Continuous compatibility testing
    • Continuous performance and availability testing
    • Automation


    Continuous Compatibility Testing

    Changes to the digital workplace are coming from all over the place. At any point in time you may need to deploy any combination of operating system updates, application updates, anti-virus updates, security policy changes, new applications, hypervisor updates, firmware patches and probably more. Each time you plan to deploy you will put the productivity of your end-users at risk.

    If you have an Agile mindset, you’ll want to deploy smaller changes, faster. Login VSI delivers a unique set of capabilities to help test all your applications on a corporate desktop, on a daily basis. Ensuring your applications will work before you push changes to production and limiting time wasted on troubleshooting outages in production.

    Login VSI - Initiatives - DevOps - CI/CD - Continuous Compatibility Testing


    Login VSI - Initiatives - DevOps - CI/CD - Continuous Performance and Availability Testing

    Continuous Performance and Availability Testing

    Most IT organizations end-user computing engineers are faced with changes (and outages) that are beyond the scope of their responsibility. Often, they are unaware of changes pushed to production by third-parties that affect their systems. These changes may have degradation of performance and availability as a result.

    Those IT organization running an agile process, know that the ability to deploy changes faster goes hand in hand with the ability to deploy fixes faster. The first step in restoring productivity is the ability to quickly detect and identify degradations.



    Automation is a critical component of any DevOps initiative. However, automation without testing leads to the automation of disaster. Login Enterprise is a perfect fit for those who take automation and testing seriously.

    Its API allows IT organizations to integrate it with any automated deployment pipeline for a fully hands-off testing experience.

    Login VSI - Initiatives - DevOps - CI/CD - Automation



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