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The VDI Performance Summit

January 29, 2019 | Johan Cruijff ArenA | Amsterdam


Avoid VDI Problems. Test with Login VSI.

We offer a suite of software solutions to help you provide the best possible user-experience and
application performance, in any type of centralized Windows environment: VDI/SBC/DaaS/Fat clients.

Learn more about our award-winning products:

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industry-standard for VDI load testing

24/7 performance & availability testing

bulk application compatibility testing

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Our Solution Suites

Enterprise Edition

  • • Helps every organization using VDI, SBC or DaaS
  • • Protects desktop and application user experience
  • • Improves scalability, performance and availability
  • • Includes proven solutions Login VSI & Login PI
  • • A must for all that want to prevent VDI problems

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Enterprise Edition XL

  • • Helps every organization using VDI, SBC or DaaS
  • • Offers same benefits as the Enterprise Edition
  • • Also offers bulk application compatibility testing
  • • Includes solutions Login VSI, Login PI & Login AT
  • • Especially fit for all with many applications in VDI

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Vendor Edition

  • • Helps IT vendors focused on VDI, SBC or DaaS
  • • Supports R&D staff to build fast, stable solutions
  • • Allows marketing to communicate specifications
  • • Includes Login VSI, industry standard VDI testing
  • • A must for IT vendors serious about performance

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  • Test L1TF Mitigations in VDI

    Security patches such as for L1TF have a serious impact on the performance and scalability of your centralized Windows environment. Login VSI helps to avoid potential performance problems.

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  • Disaster Recovery Planning

    To protect and maintain business continuity is key for any organization. For this reason many implement DR programs. Login VSI helps to test and verify all planned DR scenarios.

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  • SLA Verification, SLA Adherence

    Desktops and applications are often moved to the cloud. The expected end-user experience is always documented in SLA’s. Login VSI helps to objectively verify the agreements made.

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  • Application Performance and Availability

    A good end-user experience is key. Login VSI helps to safeguard the performance and availability of your critical business applications, whether they run in your own datacenter or in the cloud.

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  • Change Management

    In VDI production environments change is the biggest danger. Many changes are planned (migrations) but many are also unplanned (automatic updates). Login VSI helps to avoid all problems.

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  • Avoid Meltdown and Spectre performance problems

    Meltdown & Spectre patches have a serious impact on the performance and scalability of your centralized Windows environment. Login VSI helps to avoid potential performance problems.

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  • Building the Best Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

    Optimal end-user experience starts with a good design of the infrastructure. Login VSI helps with benchmarking, sizing, scaling, fine-tuning and pre-production stress testing.

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  • Remote User Testing

    When your virtual desktop users work from different locations there are many factors that can have a negative impact on their end-user experience. Login VSI helps to optimize performance.

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  • LoadRunner Alternative

    Login VSI is the industry standard for VDI and SBC performance & scalability testing and has proven to be a very good alternative for the more complex and expensive LoadRunner tools.

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    Our Clients

    CTO's, IT-Directors, service managers and admins of leading organizations worldwide rely on Login VSI

    Login VSI - Industry Standard Performance Testing for Centralized Windows Environments: VDI SBC DaaS and Fat Clients - Our Client List

    Client Testimonials

    • Diederik Eijer - MCA Gemini Group

      “We saved two months of project time by using Login AM for the rollout of the RDS servers and also greatly simplified maintenance. The results are effective, centrally managed workspaces that can be used anywhere.”

      Diederik Eijer, Program Manager at MCA Gemini Group

    • Jamie Vernon - STARTEK

      "Login PI enables us to minimize system downtime and deliver strategic business value like never before."

      Jamie Vernon, VP of IT and infrastructure at STARTEK

    • Shai Maskit - Kaminario

      “We tested 750 seats so customers can compare Kaminario with solutions from other vendors. It really comes down to delivering the best user experience at the right price point. As soon as we show the solution and that it has been validated by Login VSI customers can rest assured that it will fit the rest of their environment.”

      Shai Maskit, Director of Product & Solutions at Kaminario

    • Berrie Vlietstra - Delta Lloyd

      “Login AM is used to structure the installation of the Remote Desktop server and to simplify system administration. Login AM avoids costly add-ons that we would have needed to install the servers and keeping them identical. Thanks to Login AM, system administration has become accessible and the risk of errors drastically reduced.”

      Berrie Vlietstra, Datacenter Manager, IT Services at Delta Lloyd

    • Nick Couper - Bet365

      "LoginVSI is an essential tool for our company which enables us to load test our virtual desktop environment so that we can capacity plan with confidence. We would struggle to benchmark our systems without it."

      Nick Couper, IT Services Delivery Manager at Bet365

    Industry Testimonials

    • Testimonial Gartner


      "Login VSI is the de facto standard for SBC and VDI benchmarking"


    Our Awards

    VM world 2018 Award Best of Digital Workspace Category Small Homepage CarouselVMworld 2018 Citrix Synergy 2018 FinalistCitrix Synergy 2018 Finalist Citrix Synergy 2017 FinalistCitrix Synergy 2017 Finalist Citrix Synergy 2016 FinalistCitrix Synergy 2016 Finalist


    Our latest news and updates

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    The VDI Performance Summit

    Visit the VDI Performance Summit to gain knowledge and experience about performance tuning VDI, improve end-user experience and IT service. Join us in Amsterdam on January 29, 2019

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    Recently I went to VMworld in Barcelona where Login VSI had a booth on the expo... While I can’t remember exactly how many conversations I had - there had been so many that I lost my voice on day one. What was new this year is that quite a few people asked if…
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