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Ron Oglesby

SVP and Field CTO

Ron Oglesby is the SVP and Field CTO at Login VSI and oversees the company’s technical pre-sales, technical support, and professional services strategy. Ron is a recognized industry expert in the EUC space, a frequent speaker at industry events, and a best-selling author of several advanced technical design guides on desktop and server virtualization. His passion is engaging with the technical community, and he believes that engagement is a two-way street that benefits the customer as much as it does the company developing the product. Before joining Login VSI, Ron held various leadership roles in VMware, Citrix, Unidesk, and Dell. At VMware, Ron was an Architect in the EUC CTO office, engaging with VMware customers, partners, and the EUC community to inform and improve VMware’s technologies and future roadmaps. He joined Citrix through the Unidesk acquisition as the Director of Advanced Technologies, leading various teams focusing on strategy and building thriving customer communities. At Unidesk, Ron was the Chief Solution Architect and Field CTO, helping expand the use cases for VMware View and VDI. Before joining Unidesk, Ron was the Practice Executive for Virtualization Services at Dell, where he developed methodologies that helped strategic customers implement Dell’s virtualization and consolidation initiatives.

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