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Login VSI offers a suite of software solutions to reach and protect the best possible user experience and application performance in any type of centralized Windows environment, including VDI, SBC and DaaS.
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•   Login VSI Enterprise Edition - our complete solution for virtual desktop performance for all large organisations
•   Login VSI Enterprise Edition XL - our extended solution that includes Login AT for Bulk Application Testing
•   Login VSI Vendor Edition - our proven R&D load testing solution for hardware and software industry vendors only
All our solutions are easy to install and use, but if you need some support don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to help.

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What the industry is saying about Login VSI:

  • Diederik Eijer - MCA Gemini Group

    “We saved two months of project time by using Login AM for the rollout of the RDS servers and also greatly simplified maintenance. The results are effective, centrally managed workspaces that can be used anywhere.”

    Diederik Eijer, Program Manager at MCA Gemini Group

  • Jamie Vernon - STARTEK

    "Login PI enables us to minimize system downtime and deliver strategic business value like never before."

    Jamie Vernon, VP of IT and infrastructure at STARTEK

  • Shai Maskit - Kaminario

    “We tested 750 seats so customers can compare Kaminario with solutions from other vendors. It really comes down to delivering the best user experience at the right price point. As soon as we show the solution and that it has been validated by Login VSI customers can rest assured that it will fit the rest of their environment.”

    Shai Maskit, Director of Product & Solutions at Kaminario

  • Berrie Vlietstra - Delta Lloyd

    “Login AM is used to structure the installation of the Remote Desktop server and to simplify system administration. Login AM avoids costly add-ons that we would have needed to install the servers and keeping them identical. Thanks to Login AM, system administration has become accessible and the risk of errors drastically reduced.”

    Berrie Vlietstra, Datacenter Manager, IT Services at Delta Lloyd

  • Nick Couper - Bet365

    "LoginVSI is an essential tool for our company which enables us to load test our virtual desktop environment so that we can capacity plan with confidence. We would struggle to benchmark our systems without it."

    Nick Couper, IT Services Delivery Manager at Bet365

What our customers are saying

Michael Bernas - Workers' Compensation Board Alberta

“We've used Login VSI for the past 3 years as part of our Disaster Recovery Exercise. It's not only helped us in validating the functionality of our Citrix XenApp farm, but it's also been an invaluable tool in proving the number of concurrent connections into the environments. It’s allowed us to take our theoretical numbers and put actual real life data behind them.”

Michael Bernas, Workers' Compensation Board of Alberta

Sajad Shah - Cancer Research

"Login VSI has empowered us to make more informed decisions on releasing a new vDisk which we now do on a monthly basis. We have found that Login VSI tests can also flag other issues in our environment that may not be picked up by our standard User Testing which allows us to either make the appropriate changes to the vDisk or workload script adjustments to run successful tests. This has given us peace of mind and allows us to release VDI’s with confidence."

Sajad Shah, Senior Technical Analyst at Cancer Research UK

Jamie Vernon - STARTEK

"Login PI enables us to minimize system downtime and deliver strategic business value like never before."

Jamie Vernon, VP of IT and infrastructure at STARTEK

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