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    We’ve recently made some updates! We’ve put together this brief FAQ to help answer some of your questions.

    Login Enterprise FAQ

    What’s new in this product

    • In this one product you can now perform Load Testing, Continuous Testing and Application Compatibility testing. Essentially giving customers the ability to use one product versus Login VSI, Login PI and Login AT.
    • License: As of Login Enterprise 4.3, the code now checks for maximum number of concurrent sessions and applications allowed. Grace period licensing will last for 3 days, only allow for 3 concurrent sessions and 3 applications. Active Login PI licenses will continue to work for up to 250 sessions. Customer success teams will work with customers to get them updated licenses that reflect their contracted number of users.

    What features are in this product?

    • Application Compatibility Testing – quickly test changes in VDI and SBC solutions to determine compatibility issues. For example, testing compatibility of all applications after a desktop image is updated from Windows 10 1903 to Windows 10 2004
    • Load Testing – Test the scalability of a given solution before deployment in order to find the best optimizations and determine the performance impact at scale after changes in the infrastructure.
    • Continuous Testing – Test a production environment 24x7x365 to proactively determine issues with performance or availability of a solution, from all over the world.

    How long is Login PI 3 Supported?

    Support for Login PI 3 ends Jan 9, 2021 (per EULA; 1 year after the release of Login Enterprise 4.0)

    If I’m doing compatibility testing with Login AT, what changes?

    If you are using Login AT then you’re still supported, but this feature is now partially implemented into Login Enterprise and will continue to be enhanced over the course of the year.

    If I’m doing continuous testing with Login PI, what changes?

    Nothing. Updating your Virtual Appliance and Launchers is quick and easy. We have added several ease of use features. Simply request a new license, especially if you are or are planning to run more than 250 sessions at one time.

    However, you’re now able to use the same application scripts to perform application compatibility tests in pre-production; for free.

    When will Login VSI no longer be supported?

    There is no official date yet. The plan is to achieve product parity in Login Enterprise for the most important Login VSI features.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or sales@loginvsi.com.