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    Login VSI is the industry-standard in benchmark and load testing for the end-user computing and application markets, including VDI and server-based computing solutions from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware. Login VSI is used to right-size production environments at the lowest cost while maximizing desktop and application performance.

    • Maximize application performance with application load testing
    • Right size production environments with capacity load testing
    • Predict impact of changes on capacity of the virtual desktop infrastructure




    Application Load Testing

    Applications largely define the end-user experience and productivity on any desktop infrastructure and a typical digital workplace is comprised of many applications. Changes in either the applications, the desktop configuration or the underlying infrastructure can greatly impact their performance.

    In practice, many potential bottlenecks or changes in behavior only manifest themselves when the system is under high load. Login VSI enables enterprises to quickly identify potential performance issues by measuring and comparing application load times and application responsiveness. Our virtual users log on to a desktop, start and interact with the applications and measure the responsiveness.

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    Login VSI - Product - Login Enterprise Load Testing


    Capacity Load Testing

    VDI solutions have a complex technology stack that requires tuning and optimization to get the maximum value from your investment. Determining the right amount of compute power for the desired number of users is more than a theoretical calculation, and validation testing can save enterprises from over-spending their budgets by millions of dollars.

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    Predict Impact

    Even the smallest changes in desktop images can have a big effect on performance and at times this can lead to production systems being overloaded and unavailable.

    Avoid adverse impacts on productivity by testing updates and patches in Windows, as well as other antivirus and infrastructure updates. With Login VSI, testing is easy to set up and run. It provides simple, actionable information that can be used to determine the impact on the end-user experience.

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    Login VSI - Product - Login Enterprise Load Testing


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