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Top Ways to Optimize IT Costs and Guard Your Budget

February 6, 2023

IT budgets are under constant pressure in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape. With new technologies emerging and costs rising, it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on your IT expenditures.

Costs quickly spiral out of control in virtual desktop and application deployments, especially in cloud-based deployments, where cost fluctuates minute-by-minute.

Fortunately, Login VSI’s platform, Login Enterprise, provides a solution to this problem, helping you manage your IT budget better and maximize the return on your IT investments.

The Power of the Virtual User

Despite development in the digital workspace industry, core challenges remain for IT teams. Have you ever experienced challenges like:

  • Unexpected downtime – Finding issues too late amidst the “noise” of existing tools.
  • Poor Experiences – It’s difficult to pinpoint issues, and you have too much agent overhead.
  • Unpredictable costs –  Feeling a squeeze on IT budgets from spending too much in the cloud or traditional VDI systems requiring more hardware to maintain capacity and performance.
  • Too much complexity – You can barely keep up with the rapid change: from patches, application changes, new agents and OS upgrade there is too much going on and budgeting falls to the wayside.

To manage IT costs, you must resolve small issues before they spiral into expensive problems, improve virtual desktop and application deployments, and optimize at every turn.

Login Enterprise’s virtual user provides insights into all these areas. Driving interactions against your applications using the virtual user enables you to clearly understand where real users encounter problems and what you can do to resolve them.

Our virtual user clears the murkiness of your virtual desktop and application environment, enhancing transparency and making it easier to understand where issues originate.

The predictable and consistent behavior of the virtual user is also paramount; establishing data-driven baselines rather than the shifting sands of user feedback allows you to stop rising issues before they become expensive.

Monitor Whenever and Wherever to Understand Costs

In addition to providing valuable insights into your virtual desktop and application deployments, Login Enterprise also allows you to recreate user workflows and monitor their performance anywhere with a 1-to-1 comparison between your on-premises deployment of virtual apps and desktops and your cloud-provisioned desktops.

Cost reduction relies on informed decision-making and the ongoing evaluation of every deployment.

For example, do you know the cost implication of running multiple agents inside your image or deployment? Every agent has a cost associated with it, which adds up quickly, especially in cloud-based deployments. Login Enterprise uncovers the impact of adding agents to your deployment; identify the most necessary agents and eliminate the agents you do not need for leaner costs.

Waiting to optimize your IT budget is a costly decision.

With traditional models of IT virtual desktops and applications, the cost associated with over-provisioning means you have room to grow. But in cloud models, over-provisioning is directly tied to the cost of running the deployment minute-by-minute; with every tick, your bill grows.

It is common to see organizations blow an entire three-year IT infrastructure budget in just one year due to a lack of visibility and budgets built on estimates. The good news is that this does not have to be the case for your organization.

Tough challenges are made simple with our powerful, comprehensive solution.

With Login Enterprise, you can outline the costs associated with your virtual desktop and application deployments and build your budget parameters from the most reliable data in the industry.

With its ability to provide valuable insights into your deployments, monitor performance, and understand the impact of running multiple agents, Login Enterprise empowers you to proactively safeguard your IT budget and optimize your virtual desktop and application.

About Login VSI

Login VSI helps organizations proactively manage the performance, cost and capacity of their virtual desktops and applications wherever they reside – traditional, hybrid, or in the cloud. Our Login Enterprise platform is 100% agentless and can be used in all major VDI and DaaS environments, including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). With 360° proactive visibility, IT teams can plan and maintain successful digital workplaces with less cost, fewer disruptions, and less risk.

Are you ready to learn more? Connect with a Login Enterprise expert today to see how we can help ensure the performance of your virtual desktops and applications

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