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You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

September 21, 2020

Before joining Login VSI, I was familiar with the company and had a general idea of its offerings.

Like many of our customers, I initially thought Login VSI focused on load testing and VDI. Many other experts in the industry would also agree.

There is a common saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression!” and ironically, it also works for companies.

Quickly after I joined, I discovered that Login VSI is more than just load testing. Of course, load testing is still a significant part of what we do, but Login VSI has since evolved, and the Login Enterprise product is the result of that evolution.

If you look at processes within organizations, Login VSI traditionally mainly focused on getting information in testing environments and pre-production. If you know the Login Enterprise workloads for application compatibility and performance testing, you quickly see that these workloads can provide valuable insights into any production environment. Not just VDI but also physical environments. You can now build these custom workloads once and use them in different stages of your Change Management Process.

In the market, there is a clear shift from pure infrastructure benchmarking to the end-user experience. And this doesn’t mean infrastructure benchmarking is no longer needed. It just means that it doesn’t paint the complete picture.

With its continuous testing capability, Login Enterprise offers 24×7 visibility in true end-user experience. Continuous testing is the perfect step after load testing because it enables you to compare your load test against production metrics.

Login VSI Blog - You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression - Image 1 - Login Enterprise offers 24x7 visibility in true end-user experience

Login Enterprise offers 24×7 visibility in true end-user experience

While troubleshooting performance issues in the past for customers or during IT projects, I often tried to find when the problems first started. If I were able to find this (which was not often), it would make the investigation and root cause analysis much easier.

During my time at another software company, I investigated a large bank’s performance issue with more than 100k users and couldn’t help but feel I was troubleshooting in the blind. The customer would complain about performance, and we would simulate the issue in our lab. After implementing changes, we’d often see that we didn’t yield the same performance improvements we expected from the results in our lab. It was a continuous process of going back and forth to gather data and perform analysis to find the root cause and improve performance. It was a cumbersome job. This discrepancy in results happens not just between a software vendor and customer environments but also internally between a test and production environments. The entire process would have been a lot faster with Login Enterprise as I could have seen the impact of the changes we made within minutes instead of weeks. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available back then.

Even though I’ve had different experiences throughout my career and never met any of my current colleagues at Login VSI, the philosophy behind Login Enterprise is around solving precisely the issues I faced in the past when troubleshooting performance.

Performance testing

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