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    Test, monitor and analyze for optimal user experience & VDI environments

    VDI environments are complex infrastructure stacks with many interdependent parts. At the same time, they are a single point of failure for the entire organization. Building and managing VDI in the best way possible has become a critical success factor for the business continuity of most large organizations. This white paper describes how Lakeside Software’s SysTrack and Login VSI’s suite of testing tools complement each other throughout the entire VDI lifecycle. We describe how these two toolsets can be combined effectively to create and sustain the best possible end‐user experience.

    Read this white paper and learn how:

    • Login VSI & Lakeside work together throughout the entire VDI lifecycle
    • To build and manage ultimate VDI environments with the right tools for the job
    • Moving from ‘fat’ client models to ‘thin’ client infrastructures can benefit you

    Login VSI - White Papers - Build and Manage Ultimate VDI Environments with Login VSI