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Nutanix for
Virtual Desktops

Nutanix for
Virtual Desktops

Get the best performance at the right size and cost when deploying a new Nutanix End-User Compute (EUC) solution or replacing an existing virtualization solution. Eliminate any impacts on user experience and performance as a part of this transition and in the future as the infrastructure changes.

Login Enterprise allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your Nutanix environment:  

  • Find the perfect scale to deliver your organization’s best user experience and cost.
  • Validate performance optimizations as an ongoing practice before deploying changes to production.
  • Identify performance-draining tools and agents to reduce resources and time needed for implementing changes.  
  • Monitor application performance from any site, generate SLA reports, leverage built-in alerts, and be the first to know about user experience issues. 

See the latest Nutanix Reference Architectures here.

Proactively Hunt for Issues

Proactively detect user experience issues and pinpoint the root cause quickly and efficiently. 

  • Measure all aspects of the user experience, including availability, login time, and application performance. 
  • Isolate the root cause of slowness from virtual desktop, storage, network, applications, configurations, and more. 
  • Leverage built-in alerts and be the first to know of user experience issues. 
  • Predict trends over time to get ahead of creeping degradation. 

Avoid Capacity Issues

Plan capacity wisely by forecasting when hosts and guest VMs will run out of resources.

  • Use built-in capacity planning reports to forecast how many more users can be added to each host.
  • Confidently add more users to a current environment while maintaining consistent performance.
  • Get insights for VDI right-sizing and optimization.
  • Be alerted when newer hardware or upgrades are needed to maintain/optimize existing environments.

Optimize Costs

Gain deep insights to make smarter financial decisions without compromising end-user experience. 

  • Forecast CapEx and OpEx costs, reducing the risk of surprise cost overruns.
  • Understand the cost impact when moving to the cloud or changing any component in the stack.
  • Evaluate usage and infrastructure to identify cost savings in real time.
“Nutanix supports a wide range of end-user compute solutions, including Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps and VMware Horizon, on various platforms like Nutanix AHV, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Cloud Clusters running on AWS and Microsoft Azure, and VMware vSphere. Nutanix uses Login VSI’s industry-standard performance validation platform, Login Enterprise, to highlight the advantage of using Nutanix software to scale and deliver consistent and robust performance to end-users seamlessly. Nutanix has published many reference architectures demonstrating the power and performance of Nutanix using Login Enterprise.”
Kees Baggerman
Senior Director – End User Computing at Nutanix


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