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    Time is money and the more responsive business applications are, the more productive the users will be. In healthcare and finance, there is no exception. Using Login Enterprise to ensure production applications—on-premises or in the cloud—remain responsive or testing any changes to the application before rolling them out to production, is a great way to ensure users are optimally productive.

    • Pre-production and production testing
    • Save time with templates and tools
    • Deep application testing


    Pre-Production and Production Testing

    Testing typically concludes when these business-critical resources are delivered to production. What happens when something unexpected changes in production?

    Login Enterprise allows you to test any change in server capacity before deploying a new anti-virus software package, or test production desktops and applications for changes in responsiveness and availability.

    Enterprises can rely on one product to cover their testing needs for both pre-production and production resources, enabling a DevOps style of VDI change management.


    Save Time with Templates and Tools

    Rapid change in technology means administrators and operations staff are spending most of their time “fighting fires.” Login Enterprise makes it easy for admins as well as engineers.

    Popular application templates and interactions are available for Microsoft Office, SAP, Salesforce, EPIC, and Bloomberg, as well as a variety of other applications. An application interaction recorder lets users turn mouse clicks into code and making changes to the workflow of applications using a simple drag-and-drop process.

    To save time in the troubleshooting process Login Enterprise captures screenshots to help diagnose and resolve issues.


    Deep Application Testing

    Testing published applications or local applications in a desktop image can be a time-consuming process and is commonly done outside of the virtualization workspace, which introduces risk. Whether testing performance at scale or continuously, it is crucial to measure more than just application logons and starts.

    Testing should also mimic and measure normal end-user application interactions. Using the continuous testing capabilities of Login Enterprise, businesses can monitor the performance and availability of these applications in production environments without having to rely on end-users or agents running in the digital workspace.



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