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On-demand Webinar - The Ultimate Windows 10 Performance Tuning for VDI

Webinar - The Ultimate Windows 10 Performance Tuning for VDI

About three months ago we organized a special webinar about Windows 10 performance in VDI to help the community with a successful implementation of Windows 10. Over 300 people attended and we received a lot of positive feedback. But we didn’t stop there… Since the previous webinar we continued to test different Windows 10 configurations in our labs to come up with even more performance tuning tips and tricks. I am excited to announce that we will publish an updated white paper in the next couple of weeks that will provide you with the ultimate performance best practices for Windows 10.

Follow-up webinar

Can’t wait for this white paper? Well we’ve got some good news. We organized a follow-up webinar on Wednesday March 2 to share these new performance best practices with you. Whether you attended the first webinar or not, we highly recommend everyone who is involved in VDI to watch this webinar to learn new performance tuning tips that that will help with a successful implementation of Windows 10 in your virtualized desktop environment.

During this #VDILIKEAPRO session you will deep dive in the new world (order) of Windows 10. We learned many (Project VRC) performance best practices with Windows 7 in VDI but we came to the conclusion that these do not apply anymore. More importantly, a huge amount of new best practices are needed if you want to provide the best user experience, maximize scalability and the ultimate success of Windows 10 in your VDI environment. If you are planning or have already upgraded to Windows 10 in VDI, this is the one session you cannot afford to miss…

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During this webinar you will learn:

  • The difference in performance and server/storage footprint between Windows 7 and Windows 10 in VDI.
  • How much Windows 10 and VM tuning affects user experience and scalability (in a big way).
  • All the best practices and tooling (such as VMware OS Optimization Tool) to prep your master image and set up the VDI & user environment.
  • (Radical) new performance tuning best practices that will make sure that your VDI users and your IT manager are so happy that a salary increase becomes inevitable :-)

Watch the webinar on-demand:

The recording of this webinar is now available:

Update March 3: added the link to the on-demand webinar.

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What our customers are saying

Kelly Murphy - Gridstore

"Ultimately, VDI is about performance. If a customer's virtual experience is not as fast as the physical experience, they don’t use it. Login VSI is great in helping us to really quantify and to show performance, to test systems and design those systems in such a way to ensure that you can deliver that kind of performance."

Kelly Murphy, CTO and Founder at HyperGrid

Eddy Zeehuisen - Gemeente Utrecht

“We didn’t want any surprises within our operating IT environment. Login VSI has brought up several performance improvements in the infrastructure. These were addressed together with the implementer and the various vendors.”

Eddy Zeehuisen, Program Manager U-Cloud at Gemeente Utrecht (Municipality of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Michael Bernas - Workers' Compensation Board Alberta

“We've used Login VSI for the past 3 years as part of our Disaster Recovery Exercise. It's not only helped us in validating the functionality of our Citrix XenApp farm, but it's also been an invaluable tool in proving the number of concurrent connections into the environments. It’s allowed us to take our theoretical numbers and put actual real life data behind them.”

Michael Bernas, Workers' Compensation Board of Alberta

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