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EUC Replay: Top 10 Insights From 2023

December 27, 2023

As the year draws to a close, we are excited to present a collection of community favorites and insights we shared with the EUC space in 2023. From the evolution of virtualization technologies to the latest advancements in digital workspaces, our EUC Replay is your exclusive pass to the most impactful developments of the year.

Join us as we rewind the tape and revisit the key moments, trends, and breakthroughs that have defined the year.

Login VSI’s Top 10 Insights From 2023

1. Login Enterprise 5 Announced: See all 2023 Developments in the Platform

Login Enterprise is a unique solution that covers the entire EUC lifecycle—providing a comprehensive view of your infrastructure, applications, and locations, offering robust control over image changes, visibility preproduction, insights during production, and optimization from deployment to retirement. Get a look inside here!

2. Top Viewed Webinar: Cloud-Based Workspaces: Windows 365 vs. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

The EUC community loved this 5-star rated event, where we answered some of the biggest questions circling the differences between Microsoft’s pure DaaS offering, Windows 365, and their Azure Virtual Desktop service.

Go into 2024 with a competitive edge! Watch now to elevate your understanding of the performance and distinctions between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

3. EUC Team Win, A Real-World Example: See How This EUC Team Slashed $200k in Azure Expenses

One significant trend in 2023 is migrating from on-premises data centers to cloud-based solutions like Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). See how one of our customers successfully tackled challenges with the help of Login Enterprise and saved close to $200K in the process.

4. Our Podcast Launch: Binge on EUC Community Insights Here

In 2023, we launched EUC off the Record, hosted by our SVP and Field CTO, Ron Oglesby. This insightful podcast offers innovative approaches to supercharge your virtual desktop environment. This podcast arms you with game-changing insights from industry leaders and gurus on trends, strategies, and tips. Binge the podcast episodes from this year here!

5. Myths Debunked: Bust the Top 6 Myths About Desktop Virtualization and Learn the Truth

2023 was a year of rapid evolution in remote work, the need for flexible collaboration, the demand for heightened cybersecurity, and the increased adoption of desktop virtualization. See 6 common myths surrounding desktop virtualization and get insights into creating high-performing virtualized workspaces.

6. Moving to the Cloud: Tips to Make the Most of Your Migration

Balancing user cost and experience is critical in cloud-based environments. One Fortune 500 healthcare customer used Login Enterprise to pilot and migrate to cloud infrastructure—See how they saved over 40% for one month in AWS!

7. Top Design Guidance: Delivering Citrix DaaS in Azure

This year, the teams at Microsoft, Citrix, and AMD collaborated to guide the selection of the right instance types for Microsoft Azure hosting Citrix Workloads. Login Enterprise was used to evaluate the performance and scalability of different instance types. Check out this article to validate your design decisions!

8. 2023 State of DaaS: The Current Landscape of EUC & Future Outlook

Earlier this year, we connected with the DaaS like a Pro team to dive deep into their annual State of EUC survey results! Revisit this exclusive fireside chat or get a copy of this DaaS Adoption Trends infographic to see what was expected to happen this year and what it might mean for years.

9. Is 2024 the Year of the GPU? Discover Our Work to Benchmark a GPU Option for VDI with Intel®

Intel and Login VSI are working with the most popular VDI market OEMs to test and provide information about the latest Intel Flex Series GPUs; learn more about what is in the works for scalability insights, best practices, and new workloads you can use with Login Enterprise.

10. Leave Slow Performance in 2023: Uncover 12 Sources of Sluggish Performance

Is delivering high-performing, reliable environments to your end-users one of your new year’s goals? This guide is the ideal place to start! Explore common pain points, diagnose and alleviate performance bottlenecks, and ensure a seamless, satisfying user experience.

Make Waves in 2024 with Login Enterprise

Login Enterprise analyzes the entire service chain, keeping tabs on end-user experience and core performance metrics to bring all-encompassing insight for fast troubleshooting and decision-making. Login Enterprise’s 360° approach delivers insights into the entire stack of your virtual desktops and applications – from production to delivery and across locations, settings, and infrastructure. Explore Login Enterprise here.

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