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Login VSI: The EUC Experts You Need to Know

May 2, 2024

Login VSI is a leading provider of software tools and services for automated performance and scalability testing for images, applications, and desktops. Our company’s experts have been involved in the EUC community for many years and deeply understand the challenges and opportunities facing organizations looking to deploy and manage virtualized desktops and applications.

In this article, we will introduce some of Login VSI’s key experts who are deeply involved in the EUC community and are passionate about helping organizations get the most out of their virtual desktop and application environments. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share, and we are excited to introduce them to you. Many of our authors will be at networking events this year and look forward to meeting others in the EUC community.

Meet Our EUC Experts and Enthusiasts

Ron Oglesby, SVP and Field CTO

Ron Oglesby, our Senior Vice President and Field Chief Technology Officer, is a renowned figure in the EUC space. With a wealth of experience garnered from influential roles at VMware, Citrix, Unidesk, and Dell, Ron brings unparalleled insights to the table. His passion for community engagement and technical excellence shines through in his numerous speaking engagements and bestselling technical design guides.

Ron is the voice of our podcast, EUC off the Record, and is often seen at community events. Check out some of Ron’s top content on measuring security tooling impact on your desktop images, validating infrastructure and network changes, and more!

Michael Kent, Chief Product Officer

As our Chief Product Officer, Michael Kent is at the forefront of driving innovation. With a keen eye for bridging the gap between technology and business objectives, Michael’s expertise ensures that our offerings remain at the cutting edge. His track record of delivering compelling solutions tailored to market needs speaks volumes about his expertise.

From webinars on mastering image updates and validation to tips on delivering a superior end-user experience, Michael offers impactful strategies. See more of his content here.

Leee Jeffries, Solutions Architect

Leee Jeffries has over 15 years of experience in enterprise software and consultancy services. With a keen focus on cloud and on-premises EUC environments, Leee is adept at crafting tailored solutions to meet client needs. An active participant in industry conferences, Leee is passionate about sharing knowledge and staying connected with the latest advancements.

Check out Leee’s recent hot takes on the Performance Impact of New Teams, Azure performance, and the uncertainty of the EUC landscape.  

Blair Parkhill, Director of Technology Alliances and Vendor Programs

Blair Parkhill brings over 15 years of dedicated service in the IT industry to his role as Director of Technology Alliance and Vendor Programs. His customer-centric approach and deep knowledge make him valuable in implementing and managing virtual desktop environments.

Check out Blair’s work on Azure Virtual Desktop vs. Windows 365, unraveling the complexities surrounding GPUs and other reference architectures that set him apart as a leader in the field.

Brian Martynowicz, Senior Director, Presales and Services

Blog Author

As Senior Director of Presales and Services, Brian is dedicated to reshaping customer service landscapes. With over 16 years of experience, Brian’s leadership ensures that our sales engineering department remains at the forefront of innovation. His passion for forging connections within the professional community underscores his commitment to transformative leadership.

Brian is passionate about sharing content that helps our audience optimize their deployments and deliver better end-user experiences. See Brian’s content on Top Ways to Enhance Microsoft Teams Performance, saving 7k users from a failed Windows 10 migration, over-reliance on monitoring agent data, and more!

Nicholas Campa, Sales Engineer

Blog Author

Nicholas Campa, our dedicated Sales Engineer, brings a wealth of experience. With a data science and cloud infrastructure background, Nicholas is adept at solving complex business challenges with technological solutions. His track record of delivering comprehensive support and technical training for Fortune 100 companies speaks volumes about his expertise.

Check out Nicholas’ work on Why Some are Moving Away from the Cloud, Monitoring and Reporting on AVD Performance, Diagnosing Citrix Logon Issues, and more!

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