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    Outsourced IT

    Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or Service Level Objectives (SLOs) capture the contract, whether legal or social, and define the expectations for the performance of a given service. In EUC, that is typically the end-user experience for a given workspace and set of applications.

    In many ways, users are very myopic about these measurements – they only care about the performance of certain apps in certain locations. If those are performing as expected, then nothing else is critical.

    Most EUC teams report lots of availability metrics against targets like “5 nines” and so on. Yet, these metrics report on the availability of machines, not the performance of the application or the end-user experience, which is the metric users truly care about. Login Enterprise allows EUC leaders to measure that with granular precision and automatically report it to those stakeholders.

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    Ensure your Outsourced IT Provider is Delivering

    Login Enterprise measures end-user experience continuously in production; a rich data set reports against varying SLAs. Custom reports can be created based on different locations, applications and reporting periods. Therefore, different stakeholders can receive the data that is important to them.

    Login Enterprise can be configured to interact with any Windows or web-based apps, or “personas.” Thus, specific application tests can be set up and then executed continuously from geographically dispersed endpoints.

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    Testing Saves Time and Money, While Reducing Risk

    SLAs are contracts defined with clear penalties for failure to deliver at the expected performance. However, if those SLAs are set up to measure machine availability instead of what truly matters, user experience, then the SLA is predicated on a false assumption.

    By measuring SLAs discretely, users can explicitly report on end-user experience and demonstrate clear adherence to the spirit and/or the letter of an SLA, thereby avoiding penalties or perhaps hitting bonus points for exceeding expectations.




    Tangible, Measurable Results

    Login Enterprise includes a full suite of performance metrics to ensure you can hold your outsourced IT vendor accountable.

    • End-user experience metrics – Measure the user experience from pre-production to production
    • SLA reporting graphs – Performance reporting, ensuring SLAs are being met. Compare SLA baselines to actual application performance as well as end-user experience

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    Maximize Your End-User Experience

    Start maximizing your end-user experience and make your VDI environments run better and operate smoother.

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