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    How to Avoid Disasters and Empower the Anywhere Business

    The Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference provides analysis on cloud strategies and the latest Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) trends. At the December 2021 virtual keynote, Gartner analysts explored how to transform I&O into an adaptive and resilient organization that empowers the anywhere business.

    A critical component of the anywhere business is delivering engaging and highly resilient digital workspaces. According to Stuart Downes, Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner, the core areas impacting End-User Computing (EUC) are reducing incidents, accelerating resolution speeds, and accommodating the growing number of updates expected to increase 5x by 2025.

    The desire to modernize change deployment is understandable and why enterprises need to evolve into a continuous and automated engineering cycle rather than the traditional linear approach. A recent survey of IT practitioners highlighted that the automation of the deployment process is one of the fastest-growing areas of focus.

    Can you be sure what’s going to happen when changes are deployed?

    Login VSI does precisely that through our automated testing platform to help test, benchmark, and validate employee digital workspaces. Login Enterprise provides the tools EUC teams need to predict performance, ensure business continuity, and reduce risk. Whether you want to test pre-production or through production, testing the application and desktop is the only way to ensure a resilient, optimal employee experience.

    Gartner Session

    Gartner Session on CI/CD: Ensuring Your Continuous Integration Isn’t a Continuous Disaster

    To learn more, watch a replay of Login VSI’s Gartner session on CI/CD – Ensuring Your Continuous Integration Isn’t a Continuous Disaster. Richard Scannell, Login VSI EVP of Customer Success, reviews the forces accelerating change, the black spot in QA testing that results in poor outcomes, the need to drive automated testing in line with automated deployment, and how this can positively affect your change velocity.

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