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    Microsoft and Citrix Together (Again)

    Microsoft and Citrix have been close for decades.

    With Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop expanding rapidly and Citrix making significant investments in Cloud, they have maintained a healthy partnership with common goals.

    Last week, that partnership was extended further with the announcement that Microsoft is partnering with Citrix Workspace as its “preferred digital workspace solution” and that Citrix will use Azure as its preferred cloud platform.

    Login VSI Blog - Microsoft and Citrix Together (Again) - Windows Virtual Desktop is expanding rapidly

    Login VSI has been supporting Windows Virtual Desktop performance testing since 2019

    The combination of Citrix Workspaces and Azure Virtual Desktops will provide a global scalable, agile and secure option to allow users to work from anywhere. The move provides Citrix customers an easier path to the cloud, while allowing the scale on demand and global footprint of the Azure Cloud. Microsoft and Citrix will share tools to transition businesses from on-premises servers to Azure and a roadmap that will include joint offerings of Citrix Workspace, Azure, Microsoft 365, and more.

    While the partnership will allow Citrix customers an accelerated path to the cloud, both “Citrix and Microsoft will maintain their long-standing policies of supporting choice for those customers who request alternatives to meet their business requirements.”

    Login VSI has long supported Citrix as a platform and VDI as a technology with tools to test and validate virtual infrastructure meets the demands of its users, which is essential for the work from home paradigm shift in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Citrix customers can plan their move, and ensure their user experience with a robust testing platform to compliment change management requirements and risk mitigation. With a focus on ensuring that the end user experience meets the demands of their WFH population, organizations can confidently take advantage of this new partnership between Microsoft and Citrix.

    I applaud both Microsoft and Citrix for coming (even closer) together to deliver a platform and solution that allows organizations struggling to find a way back to productivity without compromising performance or security.

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    Michael Is Login VSI’s Chief Technology Officer. He has an extensive background in the technology field and is an experienced Architect and technology manager in Software as a Service with strong thought-leadership.

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